Go ye to the world spreading my good news.


Afrizo does not bring together a group of musically talented young personalities, but those who believe in the saying of our mum- Hellen Mtawali; “If you can talk you can sing and if you can walk you can dance.”
It’s not about scaling the ladder of musical success but it is more of a nurturing ground for young people. It all about being formed to transform the world.
Afrizo was started in 1998 my Hellen Akoth Mtawali. You all agree that she was born to sing.


At this point, she was teaching at Daystar and she knew that the gift she was given was meant to be passed from generation to generation. She brought together a group of Daystar university students where she teaches and she did more than just class work. She started attending events with them whenever she was invited and their rhythm was, is, and will always be African. That’s where the name Afrizo came to be- AFRICAN ZONE


She went far and wide and financed all the activities of the group and with time it came to bear fruits. She extended her reach to Athi-River Campus of Daystar University since previously it was only in Nairobi campus
Today Daystar, boasts of Afrizo. They have gone far and wide on their own without the Director and done exploits. Every two years a group of Afrizo members goes for a three months tour to the USA to raise funds for the needy students among the Daystar community supported by Daystar US. Below is the Team that made the Afrizo tour 2009 a success.

The 2011 The Afrizo team drove over 9,000 miles, visited 28 states, sang in over 40 churches, and they connected with thousands of people across the country. The tour raised over $250,000 for scholarships, and the gifts are still coming in. Thanks for praying them through their 3-month tour!

Hellen Mtawali is married to Alfred Mtawali who is also a musician and are blessed with one child Neema.


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